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Statement on the 2nd Anniversary of terrence's murder

September 11, 2018

Today marks two years / 730 days since the murder of our beloved friend, Terrence Sterling, by an Officer of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Over time, we (those of us committed to gaining as much justice for and in the name of Terrence as possible) have wrestled small victories in those efforts for justice. The officer who shot and killed Terrence was eventually fired, and that decision was upheld in MPD’s internal appeal process. The pressure put on the city by Justice for Terrence Sterling created the landscape that made this possible.

The perpetrating officer has other appeal and legal options to try to gain his return to active patrol; putting the community in danger. We are not going away and are indisputably committed to keeping the community safe from him, in particular, and from MPD overall.

The Terrence Sterling Campaign for Community Safety (TSCCS) seeks to support the community’s ability to hold individual officers accountable, to the fullest extent, for behavior harmful to community safety. Establishing true accountability for the behavior of law enforcement representatives contributes to true community safety.