who we are

Our campaign is peopled by a diverse group of individuals committed to the struggle for community oversight of the police in Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas. We first came together in the aftermath of the murder of Terrence Sterling by a DC police officer in 2016. Some of us were part of Terrence’s life, some of us were part of Terrence’s community, and some of us never had the opportunity to know him. We are bound together in our pursuit of justice in his name.


As the Justice for Terrence Sterling core organizing group, in coalition with local social justice groups such as Black Lives Matter DC (BLM) and Showing Up for Racial Justice-DC (SURJ), we pushed for criminal indictment against the Officer Brian Trainer. When the City refused to charge him, we actively pursued the firing of the officer who murdered Terrence, pushing the city’s mayor and police chief to make this happen. Our efforts continue through the campaign that seeks to honor Terrence.

We believe that the residents of and visitors to Washington, DC should rightfully expect that law enforcement officers be held to high standards of conduct and be held accountable for any harm, injury, or death that they cause. Clearly, this can only be done with the rigorous authority and oversight by the community itself.

Through the Terrence Sterling Campaign for Community Safety, we intend to push for the means, resources, and infrastructure to ensure that law enforcement officers are held accountable for the harm that they do and that they know they will be held accountable. We see our efforts as squarely rooted in the broader Movement for Black Lives. We align with others in the city, region, country, and globe who are committed to an end to abusive policing and to the beginning of true community safety.

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